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College student offers genius hack for getting 'free' appliances and furniture: 'I never even thought about this'

"I'm gonna be scouting out the curbs on my commute for the next few weeks."

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For college students, it's time to move out of the dorms as the semester ends — and a Redditor has turned it into the perfect thrifting opportunity. 

As students are ready to leave their dorms for summer, a Reddit user offered a hack that many people hadn't thought of — thrifting for large amounts of furniture, appliances, storage shelves, and drawers that students leave behind. 

"So many mini fridges and Keurig machines just laying waiting for trash or a new home," the Reddit user posted in the r/Frugal subreddit. "Clothes, bedding, etc if you're willing to clean it for bugs first."

"I never even thought about this. I'm gonna be scouting out the curbs on my commute for the next few weeks," a user commented.

Soon enough, Reddit was flooded with comments about this hack. Many Redditors expressed surprise over the sheer amount of dorm furniture and appliances that get thrown in the trash after being used for a short time.

"When my son was in college, he would wait until the very last moment to move out. He ended up with so much good stuff," said another Redditor. 

Thrifting can be a great way to reduce your environmental footprint as it results in fewer things ending up in landfills and overall less consumption of newer resources. 

While many people were unfamiliar with the college dorm thrifting hack, other Reddit users expressed their own experiences of finding things they could use, all for free. 

One Reddit user claimed they got a coffee maker, a floor lamp, a vacuum cleaner, bar stools, and side tables, and they would have taken more if not for the lack of space. 

Some Redditors mentioned universities or colleges that organize yard sales or donation drives every year as sustainability efforts. Lafayette College organized a "Green Move Out" where students could recycle their unused or gently used household items by donating them to local organizations, and students donated more than 22,000 pounds of clothing, dorm goods, and books in 2022. 

Some Reddit users also expressed frustration over expensive storage lockers, not being able to ship their goods back home when they move out, or charity shops not accepting some things.

But for most people, this is a helpful thrifting hack. "I wish more did this. When I was in uni I saw so much stuff get thrown away," a Reddit user commented.

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