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Budget shopper shares mind-blowing trick for keeping disgusting smells out of your shoes: 'This made a huge difference'

The simplest suggestion is as easy as a change of socks. 

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One Redditor who struggled with their husband's shoe odor has received a solution from other users: Merino wool socks.

The original post appeared in January on r/Frugal, a subreddit where users share money- and time-saving tips. The original poster brought the question there because, as they say, "I have been buying shoe powders, sprays, and balls for years" — spending a fortune on their husband's odor problem.

"I know baking soda works but just wondering what you all do," says the original poster. Others suggest storing bar soap inside the shoes, freezing the shoes, and soaking the husband's feet in vinegar.

But the simplest suggestion is as easy as a change of socks

"Switch to Merino wool socks. There are lightweight ones if you are worried about them being too hot," says one commenter. Another chimes in to say, "This made a huge difference for me."

Merino wool is wool from Merino sheep, which Smartwool says is thinner and softer than other wool. And, according to outdoor sock company Wildly Goods, it's one of the best materials for both hiking and everyday wear.

"Merino socks have fibers that deter bacteria making them odor resistant," says the site, and adds that the wool also wicks away moisture to help keep the feet dry. This, too, cuts down on the bacteria growth that makes feet stink. "Now you can say goodbye to those awful foot odors as this wool can keep your feet odor-free and less sweaty."

An odor-preventing sock saves buyers money, even if the material is slightly more expensive. Users will be able to skip deodorizing products and go longer without having to buy new, odor-free shoes. 

Buying less is good for the environment since it keeps trash out of landfills — and in the case of Merino wool, there are even eco-friendly ways to dispose of the socks once they're worn out. Wool is biodegradable and compostable, meaning it breaks down easily in nature or in a compost bin. 

Owners can also send their unwanted socks to Smartwool's Second Cut program, where they'll be recycled into products such as dog beds.

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