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This cosmetics company is revolutionizing the haircare game — see how it's slashing the cost of shampoo

Lush has a fantastic variety of shampoo bars.

Lush shampoo bar

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Whether it's laundry detergent or shampoo, some household products are mostly water. And let's be honest, paying too much for something that's 80% water stinks, especially when inflation is as bad as it is.

But luckily, it's only getting easier to find products that aren't nearly entirely water and don't come in wasteful plastic packaging.

The cosmetics brand Lush has emerged as one of the frontrunners in the shampoo bar game. Its shampoo bars can replace roughly two to three plastic containers each, saving space, trips to the store, and overall cash. 

The amount of money you could save depends on how much your current shampoo costs. But one estimate asserts that you could save about $60 every single year by upgrading your plastic shampoo bottles to shampoo bars.

Why get a Lush shampoo bar?

Lush has a fantastic variety of shampoo bars made with natural ingredients and designed to be gentle on your hair. Whether you're looking to add shine, repair, or moisturize your hair, Lush has you covered.

Each of its shampoo bars should last for at least 80 washes and are free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. There is also a wide selection of entirely vegan shampoo bars for those who are interested.

Most of Lush's shampoo bars cost about $15, which may be more than the price of your plastic liquid shampoo, but it probably isn't more than the price of two or three. So investing in this upgraded product will actually save you in the long run.

One of the best benefits of the Lush shampoo bars may be that they're travel-friendly, so you can take them through airports and won't need to rely on lower-quality hotel shampoos.

If you're having trouble figuring out which bar is best for you, Lush's website has live experts that you can consult for product recommendations. The Lush website also has a short quiz that can help you "discover your personalized haircare routine."

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