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Cities are banning certain kinds of lawncare equipment — here's how to make sure your gadgets are safe

The Kobalt Gen4 40V blower is one of Lowe's most popular models.

Electric leaf blowers at lowe's

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Tons of Americans are now looking to get new or upgraded leaf blowers. But many are keenly aware of the fact that towns across the country are banning gas-powered blowers.

More than 100 cities have done so, citing noise and asthma-worsening pollution as the main reasons why they can't be used. Plus, gas-powered blowers spew out pollution that's bad for our environment.

Luckily, Lowe's, the incredibly popular home improvement chain, sells a fantastic variety of electric leaf blowers that are not at risk of being banned. In fact, Lowe's has way more options for electric blowers than it does gas-powered ones.

What are the best electric leaf blowers at Lowe's?

Electric leaf blowers at Lowe's range in price pretty dramatically, so you can find one that fits your price range. 

On the cheaper end, the corded 4.8/5 star-rated, 12-Amp Worx blower is just $59. And if you want cordless, you could get the highly-rated $45 Greenworks 24V blower.

If you have some heavy-duty yard work to do and a higher leaf-blowing budget, there are cordless electric leaf blowers that can cost up to $429. But most electric leaf blowers at Lowe's fall between the $75 to $250 range.

The Kobalt Gen4 40V blower is one of Lowe's most popular models. And based on the literal hundreds of five-star reviews, it's clearly a fan favorite — and currently on sale. 

One reviewer wrote, "If you have two working arms, get two." Another enthusiastic buyer said, " I swear I use this every day. If one leaf falls - I go get the blower."

So, of course, the best electric leaf blower for you will depend on the size of your yard, your budget, and how much leaf litter you have. But Lowe's electric leaf blowers are worth it if you want to upgrade your old gas blower without any risk of it being banned.

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