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Frugal homeowner shares simple secret to slash your energy bill nearly in half: 'Save that money'

This practice can reduce your utility bills and alleviate the strain on the electrical grid.

This practice can reduce your utility bills and alleviate the strain on the electrical grid.

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikToker has revealed the secret to lower utility bills, and it's simpler than you might expect. 

The scoop

A short clip from Steph & Den (@stephandden), a TikTok account focused on money tips, explained to viewers how to reduce their utility bills.   

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"The amount of money you pay for hydro and electricity is different depending on the time of day," Steph points out, highlighting as an example how the most expensive hours in Toronto are in the morning and evening during weekdays. "A lot of people are using electricity then."

However, scheduling your energy-intensive tasks for non-peak hours "really adds up," according to Steph, who says she can save around 10 cents per 60 minutes. 

"Save that money!" Steph wrote in the caption. 

How it's helping

While peak hours vary depending on the location, avoiding tasks like laundry or running the dishwasher during those time frames is a surefire way to save cash. 

In fact, another budgeting influencer revealed that some people cut their bills by as much as 40% by waiting to complete high-energy chores during low-demand hours. 

This practice also alleviates the strain on the electrical grid, reducing planet-warming pollution from dirty fuels and the risk of blackouts. 

Losing power can be particularly dangerous during severe conditions like heat waves. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data shows that 2023 was the hottest year on record, continuing the trend of rising global temperatures. Extreme weather has also become more frequent and severe as temperatures have warmed due to human-generated pollution. 

Other ways to save money on your bills and contribute to a cooler planet by reducing pollution include installing smart home technology and weatherizing your home. Companies like WattBuy also have tools to help you explore a range of energy-savers to maximize your benefits.

What everyone's saying

Several commenters confirmed this hack was the real deal, with one writing that they saved around $500 by doing tasks during non-peak hours in the winter. 

"It's crazy how people don't know this," another said. 

Another person shared that they didn't believe their utility provider had similar programs in their area.

"They might not, but a good thing to look into," Steph & Den replied. 

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