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Instagrammer shares wild hack for a 'squeaky-clean' microwave with no chemicals at all: 'Best trick ever'

"I LOVE cleaning with lemons."

Cleaning microwave with lemon

Sustainability Instagrammer Rada (@ecorada) has shared a method of making your own microwave cleaner with nothing more than a lemon.

"Not only that you will get a squeaky-clean microwave without using harsh chemicals, but this is also hands-down the easiest way to clean a microwave," she says in the viral Instagram Reel.

The scoop

All you need is half a bowl of water and one lemon. First, squeeze the juice into the water and then drop the lemon halves straight into the bowl. Microwave the bowl for three minutes and then let it stand for another five.

You'll be able to easily wipe down the microwave and door without the need to scrub away at any grime and grease on the inside.

How it's helping

Making cleaning products at home means that you buy fewer bottled products, reducing the amount of plastic you send to the landfill. And you'll be saving money at the same time. 

Plus, your microwave will smell as zesty and fresh as a lemon. You can even add essential oils to the mix to customize it with your own favorite scent.

"Lemons are simply fantastic for #greencleaning as they are naturally antibacterial," Rada explained in the video's caption. "The oils contained in the peel have disinfecting properties and release an uplifting scent!"

This means that you get the antibacterial and disinfectant properties of chemical products without having to use manmade chemicals. 

And while your average cleaning products might do the job, they're also responsible for releasing thousands of chemicals into our rivers and oceans. This has a knock-on effect on the animals living in these ecosystems, and it can affect the air quality in urban areas.

What people are saying

Other Instagram users were quick to see the benefits of Rada's method with one person commenting: "Best trick ever!"

Another added: "I LOVE cleaning with lemons!! They are nature's little miracles."

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