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Redditor raves about the easiest way to stop wasting money on disposable razors: 'I'm in love with it'

"Not gonna lie, this razor looks a bit scary."

Leaf Razor

Photo Credit: @leafshave / Instagram

A Reddit user posted a photo of a reusable Leaf Razor, adding high praise about its functionality. 

"For anyone wanting to switch to a metal razor but don't want to use a traditional safety razor, Leaf razors are all metal and use regular razor blades but the head pivots and has multiple blades like a plastic razor. I'm in love with it," the user writes.

Like other metal razors, Leaf Razors are plastic-free and refillable, helping to cut down on your plastic use at home while staying smooth. 

They may also save you money in the long run, as you only need to replace the blades, not the whole device or razor head. Leaf's 50-blade replacement costs $12, compared to a four-pack of razor refills from Gillette, which costs $18. Razors are generally replaced between one and four times every month.

Disposable razor blades are also a problem for the planet. In 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency calculated that more than two billion razors were disposed of every year, with a significant amount never making it to landfills. The agency has since stopped releasing data on razor waste, but the number is certainly higher today with an increasing reliance on disposable razors with the growing population. 

Redditors gave Leaf high praise. 

"So good! Got one for Christmas and converted a friend of mine less than two weeks later," one user writes

"Not gonna lie, this razor looks a bit scary. But everyone else seems so stoked about it I'm going to check it out," writes another Redditor.

 "I just got mine a month ago and it was the best purchase ever," says another. "They are super smooth, easy to use & incredibly cheap to refill, as it takes simple razorblades that you snap in half. A must-have for the low/zero-waste lifestyle."

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