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Shopper dumbfounded after happening upon incredible high-end cookware for unbelievable price: 'I thought I was hallucinating'

"I even left a few pieces for the next guy."

"I even left a few pieces for the next guy."

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A Reddit user came across an unbelievable find at a thrift store and couldn't help but share it in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. Who can blame them? It's not every day you see Le Creuset enameled cookware for less than $25.

Le Creuset is very high-end cookware. A chef's oven similar to the one in the Reddit post is currently on sale for $300 on the Le Creuset website. A similar saucepan is anywhere from  $180 to $225. If you want to buy an entire set, they range from several hundred dollars to thousands. So, though they've been used, the Redditor clearly got a killer deal.

"I even left a few pieces for the next guy."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The Redditor posted a picture with five pieces, including what appears to be a Dutch oven and chef's oven, with the caption, "I thought I was hallucinating, all for under $25."

The Redditor posted in the comments section, "I even left a few pieces for the next guy," adding, "Seemed like the right thing to do. Share the luck."

Besides being a great way to find wildly good deals, whether thrift shoppers know it or not, shopping at thrift stores also helps the environment. In this case, the cookware ended up in the hands of someone who clearly appreciated what they found, and it's not likely to end up in a landfill anytime soon.

On top of that, buying things secondhand reduces the need for companies to manufacture new products, which reduces the amount of harmful pollution released into the atmosphere during the production and transport of a new product.

One commenter replied, "I wish I was the next guy."

"If you ever cooked with these pans, you would understand why people are so crazy about them," another commenter said. "I used to hate cooking on a stove until I got myself a nice Le Creuset pan."

Another said, "I've followed this sub for quite some time, and never have I been more jealous of a haul. Congrats! This is an amazing find."

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