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Gardener shares stunning before-and-after photos after ripping out grass for raised garden: 'I'm kinda jealous'

"This looks great!"

"This looks great!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Redditor in the r/VegetableGardening community is gaining attention for their amazing garden transformation.

The user shared before-and-after photos showing their remarkable progress in installing their first vegetable garden.

"This looks great!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"This looks great!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The photos depict a typical grassy lawn converted into a lush and organized vegetable garden oasis. The user removed sections of grass and replaced them with tidy raised wooden beds, a charming trellis arch, and neat gravel pathways.

"My First Garden! Before and After," the proud gardener captioned their post. "I still need to finish adding my drip irrigation, and mix in some compost I just got. But I am pleased with the progress!"

By converting part of their lawn into a vegetable garden, this homeowner is reaping many benefits for themselves and the planet. Lawns require significant water, not to mention time and money to maintain.

In contrast, installing garden beds with native plants and veggies conserves water and yields fresh, healthy produce. Even a small lawn area converted to native plants creates a healthier ecosystem for critical pollinators that protect our food supply.

There are many eco-friendly, low-maintenance lawn alternatives to consider beyond vegetable gardens. Options like native wildflowers, clover, buffalo grass, and xeriscaping can all help homeowners save money and time on upkeep while supporting the environment.

Want to reap the benefits yourself? Check out our step-by-step guide to rewilding your lawn.

The results speak for themselves in this inspiring garden renovation. Where once there was only grass, lush greenery thrives. The raised beds and tidy gravel paths give the space an organized, intentional aesthetic. It's amazing what a transformation this gardener achieved in their first attempt.

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Fellow Redditors were quick to praise the garden glow-up in the comments.

"Looks good. I'm kinda jealous," one user remarked.

"That's a crazy glow-up! Good job on the lawn too!" another added.

A third chimed in, "This looks great! Really well done, and I love the trellis arch."

By sharing their successful lawn-to-garden journey, this Reddit user is inspiring others to consider how they, too, can cultivate their outdoor space to benefit themselves and our planet. Even a small step like this can make a big impact.

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