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Homeowner shares hilarious photo of disastrous landscaping mistake: 'This hurts to look at'

"This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate your lawn."

"This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate your lawn."

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A Reddit user in r/Wellthatsucks uploaded a very fitting picture of their unfortunate lawn care chemical mix-up.

"When you accidentally use the wrong spray on your lawn," the Redditor captioned the photo of their yard covered in scribbles of dead grass.

"This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate your lawn."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Although the situation is funny in retrospect, it also showcases the dedicated time, supplies, and effort that traditional grass lawns require for maintenance.

Yards that are rewilded with native plants can prevent homeowners from accidentally causing this kind of landscaping catastrophe.

Plants that are native to your area require much less effort than non-native grasses that are usually installed around homes in the U.S. 

Since they are used to the local rainfall levels and weather patterns, your yard could be full of thriving, resilient plants that last throughout seasonal changes all while saving you money on your water bills.

All-natural "meadow" lawns also create a healthier environment for the pollinators that naturally inhabit surrounding areas and cut down on the use of fertilizers and toxic pesticides or even the need for mowing. According to Architectural Digest, meadow lawns only need to be mowed three or four times every year.

Even a partial lawn replacement can bring the numerous benefits and natural beauty of native plant lawns right to your doorstep.

Many commenters on the post thought the incident was hilarious, with some sharing similar personal anecdotes and others sharing helpful resources for more information on remedying the mishap.

"Looks like someone mixed up the Roundup and liquid fertilizer," one Reddit user commented. "As a landscaper, this hurts to look at."

Another user jokingly likened the image to "a doctor's signature on a prescription."

"This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate your lawn and join the r/NoLawn team!" another commenter exclaimed, spreading the word about the growing movement of those opting for more eco-friendly yards. 

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