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Landscaping expert explains major lawn mistakes that are costing homeowners: 'You have to pay indefinitely ...'

"I love how low maintenance it is."

"I love how low maintenance it is."

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Having a nice green lawn to play on can be part of your outdoor fun, but mowing the lawn is the terrible chore that comes along with it. But one TikToker and landscape expert is showing viewers alternatives to the traditional lawn that can save you time and money. 

Daryl (@yardfarmer.co) is a landscape designer who specializes in sustainability. While it's a long video, Daryl goes into great detail about alternatives to the traditional Kentucky bluegrass lawn. This type of grass is high maintenance, "especially if you're living in the western half of the United States where we actually have to water Kentucky bluegrass lawns to keep them alive." 

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When talking about the lawn, Daryl said: "The developer gets to put it in and go bye bye, and said you have to pay indefinitely forever to make this not look like utter s***."

In the TikTok, Daryl goes through eight types of lawn alternatives, including fescue, clover yarrow grass blend, yarrow, buffalo grass, dwarf carpet of stars, Dog Tuff grass, native sedges, and meadow lawns. Most of the lawn options shown in the video are drought-tolerant — they either don't need to be mowed at all or can be mowed less frequently than Kentucky bluegrass. 

But if you'd like to keep your original lawn, Daryl finishes the video by saying that "the root heath is directly correlated to the blade length" of Kentucky bluegrass, so letting it stay a little longer will save you time and money watering the lawn. 

Making your lawn more sustainable can save you time and money and help the planet. Swapping out thirsty bluegrass with an alternative will reduce your mowing time and your water bill. Traditional lawns also tend to be maintained with chemicals and fertilizers that can harm the ecosystem. Plus, keeping it green is a waste of water, and with the changing of our climate, areas of drought need to conserve as much water as possible. 

The video has thousands of comments, with many happy to learn about Kentucky bluegrass and its alternatives. 

One commenter wrote, "I have buffalo grass and I love how low maintenance it is. Plus it's native to my area, so the city doesn't enforce lawn maintenance codes on me."

Another person appears to have experience in this area, saying, "Message approved from your local golf course superintendent. Yarrow/clover is a great alternative and what I have at home. All depends on traffic."

Finally, a commenter simply said, "I love my clover, wildflower and fescue lawn."

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