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Design expert shares incredibly simple hack to make your clothes last longer: 'They just don't get dirty'

"I don't know where we got the idea…"

“I don’t know where we got the idea ..."

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Buying new clothes can be a form of retail therapy for some people, but checking your bank account after a shopping spree is often anything but therapeutic. 

Thankfully, TikToker Shavonne (@restyleliving) has some eco-friendly tips on how to keep your wardrobe looking fresh so you don't have to replace clothes as often.

The scoop 

@restyleliving What are some things you do to make your close last longer? #washday #laundry #sustainablefashion #sustainability #clothes #ecofriendly #living #ecotips #lifehack ♬ Players - Coi Leray

Shavonne suggests turning your clothes inside out when you wash them, "especially for jeans and clothes with printed designs," she said. This can prevent color fading or bleeding, reduce the risk of detergent stains, protect decorative designs, and help clothing maintain a smooth, soft appearance, according to Whirlpool

Washing your clothes less frequently and hanging them to dry can also prolong their life. 

"I don't know where we got the idea that you can only wear your clothes once, but, on average, you can wear your shirts and pants 2-4 times before needing a wash," Shavonne explained in the video. 

Lastly, Shavonne advised buying higher quality clothing from thrift stores or consignment shops where you can get a hefty discount. 

"One of the reasons why I thrift is because it makes it much more affordable to choose higher quality brands and fabrics that will last longer than fast fashion," she shared. 

How it's helping 

Buying new outfits is fun, but clothes shopping can take a toll on your wallet. The average American spends around $160 each month on clothing, according to Finmasters. However, buying secondhand clothes from thrift stores can cut your clothing expenses in half, as The Ascent reported

Waiting longer between washes can also benefit the planet by conserving water since an average washing machine uses 7-19 gallons of water per load. 

On laundry days, consider swapping detergents with harsh chemicals for more natural cleaning products like these laundry powders and tablets made with sustainable ingredients. They're often cheaper than store-bought brands and don't come in bulky plastic containers that pollute the planet, making your laundry routine even cleaner. 

Finally, buying clothes from thrift stores instead of fast fashion retailers can help keep at least 20 pounds of clothing per year out of landfills.

What everyone's saying

Many commenters loved Shavonne's laundry hacks, and some had already tried them and shared their experience.

"I always wear my clothes at least 3-4 times before washing because they just don't get dirty," one TikToker shared. 

"My best pieces have been thrift/estate finds! Clothes were so much better 20+ years ago. Everything new, even my 'high end,' falls apart so fast," another added.

A third commenter offered another suggestion to save energy: "I always take clothes out of [the] dryer when still a bit damp and then hang to finish drying!"

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