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TikToker shares how to avoid the big, smelly problem with traditional fabric softeners: 'My clothes came out cleaner'

"I do the same," shares one TikToker.

Laundry hack

Photo Credit: @nowitsclean/ TikTok

A TikToker shows off their inexpensive laundry hack that replaces fabric softeners with an all-natural product you likely have in your kitchen right now: white vinegar.

The scoop

"Plain white vinegar," the TikToker Lori (@nowitsclean) says in the video shared with their 1.8 million followers. They pour vinegar right into their washing machine along with detergent. 

"It acts as a natural fabric softener, whitens and brightens, and gets rid of the nasty odors. And, no, it doesn't smell like vinegar when it's all done," they explain.

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How it's helping

Using white vinegar in place of fabric softener and other laundry enhancements like whiteners can do the same job but at a fraction of the price. While name-brand laundry products can cost more than $14 for a 164-ounce jug of fabric softener, a gallon of white vinegar will cost you only about $4. 

The TikToker says they use about one-fourth of a cup of vinegar per load, pouring it directly into the fabric softener compartment of the machine.

Plus, these expensive softeners may contain petroleum-based chemicals. Those chemicals are not easily biodegradable and can be harmful to our health and marine animals. 

Vinegar can be used for a lot more than just laundry. It's great for conditioning your hair, repelling pests, unclogging drains, and doing multipurpose cleaning duty around the house

What everyone's saying 

"I do the same," shares one TikToker. "I love this natural fabric softener." 

Another TikToker posted in the thread that, unlike fabric softener, vinegar doesn't build up and "cause grossness." Another says it can get rid of the smell of cat urine, too. 

"My clothes came out cleaner and smelling better when I switched to vinegar," writes another TikToker. "Also way better for the environment."

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