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Tenant calls out landlord's son for apparently making their backyard into a dumping site: 'I advise talking to a lawyer'

"We've had to take many previous issues into our own hands."

Landlord's son making backyard into a dumping site

Photo Credit: u/nikolo_h / Reddit

One renter on Reddit said they were in an ongoing struggle with their landlord's son, who was filling the backyard with trash.

When someone ends up with unwanted furniture, they have options. Taking it to the dump usually costs money and fills up landfills faster.

However, you can also offer furniture on a "buy nothing" Facebook group or donate it to Habitat for Humanity. These options mean someone in need gets to use the item for free, you don't have to worry about transporting it, and there's less demand for new products, so fewer materials and money are wasted. That's good for your time, your budget, and the environment.

Photo Credit: u/nikolo_h / Reddit

Generally, just dumping the items in a shared space is frowned upon — but that's what this Redditor claimed their upstairs neighbor was doing.

"Landlord's son moved [into the] upstairs apartment," they explained, adding that the new resident "turned [the] backyard into [his] personal trash bin."

The attached photos are almost painful to see. Someone dumped a whole couch, several cushions and pillows, multiple pieces of carpet, a cardboard box, and a large plastic sheet on top of the grass in an otherwise charming yard. 

"So much for 'Don't s*** where you sleep,'" one commenter remarked.

The original poster replied, "This phrase would be funny if animals he let in hadn't pooped on the carpet of the front door."

According to another comment, the original poster hadn't alerted their landlord yet. They added, "I doubt he'll be helpful however, as we've had to take many previous issues into our own hands."

Some commenters were suspicious of the son's actions. "I would guess dude would rather live in the downstairs," one user said. "Trying to drive you out with slobbery, and assuming you won't think of any recourse."

Thankfully, other users pointed out that the original poster has options. "You could reduce rent payments until they clean up that mess," said one commenter. "I advise talking to a lawyer."

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