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Thrifter hits the camping gear jackpot for only $42: 'What awesome finds'

"Where I live, all of that camping equipment would be priced at least 10X higher than what you paid."

L.L. Bean camping equipment

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If your summer plans include hiking or sleeping under the stars, it might be time to stock up on outdoor essentials. One Redditor paid just $41.58 on an impressive equipment haul, proving you don't have to splurge on your next outdoor retreat. 

The Redditor scoured thrift stores throughout New England to find brand-new camping gear at only a fraction of the retail price. In a popular Reddit post, they showed off all their bargain camping essentials.

Their purchases included name brands like L.L. Bean, Granite Gear, and Lowepro.

L.L. Bean camping equipment
Photo Credit: u/lowlife9 / Reddit

They scored bags to fit all their things, including two L.L. Bean backpacks, a Granite Gear backpack, and a Lowepro sports camera bag. The Redditor also found must-have equipment like a sleeping pad, candle lanterns, a high-back chair, a compass, and even a French press. 

These items would have cost significantly more if they purchased them new. L.L. Bean hiking backpacks can be expensive, with prices ranging from $40 to $340. Instead, this Redditor paid $24 for the pair at a thrift store. 

This haul shows how you can save big on secondhand products, and this Redditor is not the only thrifting bargain hunter. 

According to a 2022 report, 82% of Americans are buying and selling pre-owned items, including clothes, accessories, and furniture. Thrifting pays off, as secondhand shoppers save about $1,700 every year from their purchases. 

Not only does it help your wallet, but thrifting can benefit the environment, too. Instead of wasting away in a landfill, items receive a second life when they are thrifted. 

Fellow Redditors were surprised by this cheap and sustainable haul and shared their thoughts in the comment section. 

"I am not a camping or hiking person but know this is a great haul," a Redditor said

Another user added, "Where I live, all of that camping equipment would be priced at least 10X higher than what you paid."

"Wow," another Redditor wrote. "What awesome finds." 

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