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Influencer uncovers major 'secret' of the beauty industry: 'I love the transparency'

"Your transparency and intention as a brand is inspirational."

Krave Beauty campaign offers huge discounts

Photo Credit: @louisa_bella/ Tiktok

Through packaging and product testing, the beauty industry creates a lot of waste. Skincare brand Krave Beauty is looking to change that — and save its customers some money in the process.

The scoop

TikToker Louisa (@louisa_bella) shared a video about Krave Beauty's #WasteMeNot campaign, the brand's initiative to reduce waste. 


Your favourite @kravebeauty skincare at a discount, AND you get to help save the planet? Shop the #WasteMeNot products at kravebeauty.com & share this video to help spread the word about hidden waste!#kravebeauty #wastemenot #sustainable #sustainableskincare #skincareroutine #recycling

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"The skincare industry has a lot of secrets. Their main secret is the amount of waste they're producing," Louisa says.

To reduce its waste, Krave Beauty is selling prototypes of some of its most popular products at discounted prices. These include a matcha body wash made of leftover facial cleanser and a pilot version of their Makeup Re-Wined makeup remover. 

"Your favorite Krave Beauty skincare at a discount, AND you get to help save the planet," Louisa writes.

How it's helping

With Krave Beauty's #WasteMeNot campaign, you can save some big bucks. The pilot version of their Makeup Re-Wined cleanser sells for $12.50, a full 50% off the finalized version of the cleanser. 

As well as saving money, you'll be keeping beauty packaging and products out of landfills. 

Just like the fashion industry, the beauty industry has a waste problem. Plastic, paper, glass, and metal packaging materials from beauty products end up clogging landfills and polluting waterways. One report found that the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of waste every year.

Packaging isn't the only problem. Many beauty products themselves go to waste, as well. Expired, unsold, and tested formulas that didn't make the final cut are often thrown away. One estimate stated that between 20% and 40% of all beauty products end up as waste.

By selling products that didn't make the final cut, Krave Beauty is keeping waste out of landfills and sparking a discussion about the beauty industry's waste problem. 

What everyone's saying

Customers were excited to see Krave Beauty taking steps to reduce its waste and shed light on the beauty industry's waste problem. 

"I LOVE this transparency," one commenter wrote

"I love how Krave Beauty is always setting a standard!" another said. "Your transparency and intention as a brand is inspirational and I hope more follow."

Even though it's a test version of the final product, customers have loved the Makeup Re-Wined pilot version. 

"I really loved my Makeup Re-Wined!" one reviewer wrote. "It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and clean afterwards and does a great job of getting my makeup off."

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