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Reddit thread offers best options for donating toys so they'll actually get used again: 'Such awesome suggestions'

"Many foster kids have never had a new toy of their own."

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This year, one Redditor asked the internet where their child's extra toys could do the most good — and found a wealth of promising options.

After the holidays, many families end up with unneeded toys and other items. While some may be perfect for secondhand shops, the original poster sought out other alternatives.

The user explains in the post that she is avoiding Goodwill and that some other local organizations were not feasible because of requirements. 

Other users are quick to offer alternatives. 

"Highly recommend finding your local nonprofit that supports foster families," suggests one user. "Foster families always need gifts for birthdays, holidays, and toys to provide [to] their kiddos. Many foster kids have never had a new toy of their own."

Along similar lines, another user adds, "Homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, there's all kinds of places where kids have been in bad situations and would love some extra toys to distract them from it."

"Our local hospital had a whole department called 'child life' that maintained both a big playroom and a lending library of toys," suggests a third. 

Donating to these and other charities is a helpful choice for both individuals and the environment. 

The people giving these gifts clear up space in their homes, may qualify to receive a tax write-off, and sometimes even get credit toward secondhand items of their own, while those who receive them are often in difficult financial circumstances where even a small donation can make a difference. 

Meanwhile, donating unwanted Christmas gifts and other used items keeps them out of landfills and reduces the need to manufacture new items. In 2018 alone, the Environmental Protection Agency noted the U.S. generated 292.4 million pounds of trash. According to a publication on ScienceDirect, 80% of all toys end up in landfills, the ocean, or incinerators, with toys account for 6% of all plastic waste in landfills in the world.

The original poster was pleased with the response to her post. 

"You guys are giving such awesome suggestions! Keep them coming please," she writes in a follow-up. 

She also lists several charities accepting items other than toys, including The Bra Recyclers for bras, For Days "Take Back Bags," and thredUP for clothing.

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