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Redditor nabs chic all-black outfit that would normally go for hundreds of dollars: 'Couldn't believe I found it'

This Redditor managed to snag an almost unbelievable deal.

Kate Spade Unbelievable Deal

Photo Credit: u/AntebellumEm / Reddit

Shopping for clothes can be an expensive endeavor, but thrifting makes it possible for those on a budget to find cheap clothing or try out a new style without breaking the bank. 

This Redditor managed to snag an almost unbelievable deal — an outfit for just $35 — including a jacket that regularly sells for $150 and leggings that regularly sell for $99. Along with the outfit, they managed to find accessories including a belt and a Kate Spade wallet, saying, "[I] couldn't believe I found (a seemingly authentic) one in near perfect shape!" 

The most expensive original items were high-quality, name-brand finds — the jacket was from the North Face and the leggings were Beyond Yoga leggings. 

The average consumer is not always interested in completely wearing out a clothing item before discarding it because trends and personal styles are constantly changing — which is what makes thrifting such a great option. 

Thrifting gives those who normally would not be able to afford such high-quality, expensive items a chance to own a lightly used item. And it saves these clothes from ending up in landfills before they have been adequately worn. 

Manufacturing clothing takes a huge toll on the environment. As the United Nations Environmental Programme reports, "It takes around 2,000 gallons of water to make a typical pair of jeans." 

On top of that, a large amount of discarded clothing ends up in landfills while it is still wearable because the fashion industry is constantly overproducing and introducing new styles and collections. 

When clothing is left in a landfill, it creates toxic, planet-warming gases and leeches microplastics into the oceans. By opting to buy used clothes and sell or donate your discarded clothes, you can contribute less to these environmental hazards and save money in the process. 

There are plenty of online sites and thrift stores that make this possible, including Goodwill and sites like Depop and Facebook marketplace where you can find deals like this Redditor did. 

The comments express nothing but enthusiasm and awe for finding such a great bargain, with commenters posting "Nice Kate Spade!" and "I'm bedazzled. Fab!" 

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