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Thrift shopper scores designer-brand sweater for an 'amazing' price: 'This is why we thrift'

Thrifting has been booming in recent years, in part from news of how bad the fashion industry — especially "fast fashion" — is for the environment.

Thrifted sweater, Designer-brand sweater for an ‘amazing’ price

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Thrifting can be hit or miss, but when you hit, you can score an amazing piece for an amazing price. One Redditor found a designer sweater at their local thrift store for only about $7. 

They shared their thrift find on the Reddit thread r/ThriftStoreHauls, saying they "found this Isabel Marant mohair drussell sweater at a thrift store for 12 NZ dollars and could not believe my eyes." The sweater in question is blue, yellow, and pink with a soft feathery texture thanks to the mohair. 

Thrifted sweater
Photo Credit: u/Hot-Preparation3670 / Reddit
Thrifted sweater
Photo Credit: u/Hot-Preparation3670 / Reddit

It's scores like this one that motivate thrift hunters to search through racks of clothing for that one diamond in the rough. This lucky find reminds us all: "This is why we thrift."

While thrifting is a great means to save money on clothes, especially for those who cannot afford to buy new, it also offers people a sustainable way to buy clothing. Instead of buying new clothing, which can be a huge strain on the environment, pre-worn and pre-loved clothing keeps perfectly good clothing out of the landfill and reduces the demand for new clothing. 

Thrifting has been booming in recent years, in part from news of how bad the fashion industry — especially "fast fashion" — is for the environment. 

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of all planet-polluting gases and that doesn't include the physical pollution and ethical issues raised by the fashion industry. It's no surprise that people, especially Gen Z, are looking to thrift as a way to be fashionable without hurting the planet.

Savvy shoppers are drawn to the hunt, spending hours looking for goodies in bins of donated clothing. If you're lucky, you may find a designer piece for a steal, as the poster of this Reddit post did.

The original poster replied to many comments sharing more details on the thrift store trip where they scored this sweater. When one commenter mentioned it 'looks like a cloud,' the original poster replied, "Crazy soft! That's why it got my attention at the thrift store. I was like, 'Oh wow, this feels good quality' and then I checked the label and saw Isabel Marant… 😳😂."

Another shared the original poster's enthusiasm for the find: "Oh it is so gorgeous and is such a lovely color combination! What an amazing score, always shocking the kind of items that can sometimes be found thrifting!"

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