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Cider — the affordable, self-touting 'sustainable' fashion site — is sparking plenty of controversies online

According to critics, Cider is "pretending to take the path of sustainability."

Cider fast fashion clothing

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Cider is a clothing brand that produces a ton of trendy clothing. But is it fast fashion?

The term "fast fashion" refers to clothing that is produced quickly and cheaply, often at the expense of quality and sustainability, as well as workers' well-being. So do Cider's clothes fit the bill?

Is Cider sustainable or fast fashion?

On Cider's website, it claims that its mission is to "create affordable, everyday statement pieces with sustainability in mind." Its Instagram goes even further, stating that its clothes are "Made with Mother Earth in mind."

But these claims raise red flags when considering the high volume of products Cider offers combined with the price of its garments. Many believe its sustainability claims are no more than platitudes.

Your Sustainable Guide, a website touting itself as "your one-stop shop reference point for an eco-conscious, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle," is far more critical of the brand.

According to the anti-greenwashing guide, Cider is "pretending to take the path of sustainability … taking greenwashing to new heights in an effort to portray itself as a conscious company from the start."

Your Sustainable Guide cites several reasons for claiming that Cider is fast fashion, from the number of garments it creates a week (thousands) to a lack of transparency on its website.

While Cider offers several articles of clothing produced with recycled materials, like recycled polyester and cotton, it's a tiny fraction of the total amount of clothing produced, critiqued Your Sustainable Guide.

Good On You, an anti-fast fashion advocate, has also criticized Cider for unsustainable and unethical practices. Good On You gave Cider a "Very Poor" score in terms of its environmental impact for using very few sustainable materials and making no efforts to reduce its harmful carbon pollution.

So while the brand may claim to be sustainable and not fast fashion, the evidence seems to disagree. When trying to make informed and environmentally-considerate decisions, it's critical not to take a company solely at its word.

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