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Doctor shares incredibly helpful hack for keeping berries fresh for way longer than usual: 'This is so clever!'

This method can also prevent your strawberries from getting moldy in just three days.

Hack for keeping berries fresh for way longer than usual

Photo Credit: @plateful.health / Instagram

Sick of strawberries going bad before you have a chance to eat them? With this method, you can keep your strawberries fresh, prepped, and clean for over a week.

The scoop

Dr. Vivian Chen (@plateful.health) shared a video of how she keeps her strawberries clean and prevents them from going bad. Using water, vinegar, and paper towels, her strawberries stay fresh and clean.

First, Vivian fills a bowl with water and vinegar. "I normally use a one-to-five ratio [of vinegar to water]," she says, but she points out that one study used a three-to-one ratio with positive results.

After soaking the strawberries for at least two minutes and no more than five minutes, Vivian rinses the strawberries and lays them out on a kitchen towel to dry. "Be sure to cut off any bruised areas and pick out the soggy ones and eat those first," she advises.

After cutting the stems off, Vivian lines a container with an unbleached paper towel and fills it with the washed strawberries. She lays another paper towel on top of the strawberries to absorb any additional moisture. 

"Be sure to wipe down any condensation [on the container] you see during the week and swap out the paper towel if it's wet," Vivian says. "This usually keeps my strawberries fresh for at least a week and means I have clean and prepped strawberries to eat any time!"

How it's helping

Though they're a delicious summer treat, strawberries don't last long. Even in an airtight, refrigerated container, most strawberries will only last one to three days before going bad.

It's always a bummer to reach into your fridge for some fresh fruit only to discover your strawberries have become mushy and moldy. Vivian's hack means your strawberries will stay fresh, saving you money and preventing your berries from becoming food waste.

What everyone's saying

Viewers loved Vivian's hack and were happy to share their own tips. "Storing them in a glass container helps them last even longer," one user wrote. "I use quart size Mason jars."

"I prep them using the same method only I lay them out in the container with one layer side by side, cover with paper towel, then second layer and repeat each layer separated with a sheet of paper towel," another person added. "Yes, you use more paper towels this way, but they stay dry and fresh for a good 2+ weeks."

Another had not heard of this method and was eager to give it a shot, saying, "Oh this is so clever! Thank you and will totally try it!" 

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