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Mom shares easy hack to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes: 'You don't have to sacrifice health for convenience'

"Add this plant to your next fire."

"Add this plant to your next fire."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Summer means spending more time outside, but that can cause annoying ailments such as bug bites. Fortunately, we have some tips to keep bugs at bay and your skin protected.

The scoop

Nicole Railsback (@thefithomesteader) mostly shares details of her life and home on her Instagram page, but in one viral post, she showed viewers one way she keeps mosquitoes at bay during backyard fires. 

In the video, we can see a nice bonfire in a metal fire pit with the creator holding a large sprig of rosemary over it. She drops the rosemary in and the caption reads, "Add this plant to your next fire to keep the mosquitoes away."

How it's working

Avoiding mosquito bites is a constant struggle in summer, but there are effective all-natural methods to combat these pests. One proven way to reduce mosquitoes in your yard is using mosquito dunks, which are cheap and only harm mosquito larvae, keeping you and your family safe. 

As Nicole shared, there are some plants and their essential oils that can also work as insect repellents. While research is still ongoing, there are studies that show high concentrations of rosemary oil can keep mosquitoes at bay. A paper published in Nature found that while rosemary can work, cloves and cinnamon were by far the most effective natural deterrents.

Some of these options may be slightly less effective than insecticides, but they could be better for you and the environment. Traditional bug sprays use ingredients including DEET, which can cause skin and lung irritation but have been determined to be generally safe for use on human skin by the EPA. However, pyrethrins, another common insect repellant, have been proved to harm beneficial bugs and even pets. 

"You don't have to sacrifice health for convenience," Nicole added in the caption.

No matter what insect repellant option you choose, avoiding mosquito bites is the best way to steer clear of several serious illnesses, such as West Nile virus and yellow fever

What people are saying

Commenters love the idea of adding insect-repellent herbs to their bonfires. One person suggested a DIY spray: "I make a lemonade & eucalyptus spray for summer everyone loves & it smells great!!"

Someone else wrote, "I've heard putting fresh coffee grounds in your fire pit burns keeps pests away."

We love these creative ways to help keep pests at bay during long summer days and nights.

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