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Woman shares simple trick for cleaning old, sticky mason jars: 'I was actually shocked'

"You're going to drop a little bit of olive oil and rub it all over."

Simple trick for cleaning old jars

Photo Credit: @happyearthhabits / instagram

There are few kitchen items more aesthetically appealing than mason jars. They're minimalist yet functional, and you can use them for both storage and everyday serving. 

But one thing stops many people from jumping aboard the mason jar train — when these things get messy, they seem harder to clean than alternative dishes.

Since mason jars are constructed to be airtight, sticky substances can seep out as time passes, because the air in the jar pushes the contents out as it escapes. The shape of a mason jar, combined with the icky stickiness of the mess it can create, makes for a daunting cleaning task.

Luckily, Instagram user Skylar (@happyearthhabits) has a simple solution for cleaning mason jars. 

"You're going to drop a little bit of olive oil, rub it all over, and then you're going to take a hard bristle brush [and] scrub it till it comes off," she explains in a now-viral Instagram Reel. 

After scrubbing in the oil, Skylar recommends rinsing the jar with warm water. And don't be afraid to use hotter water than you're used to. Mason jars are usually made with tempered glass, so they can withstand hotter temperatures than the glass that makes up other kitchen products. 

"I was actually shocked at how easily it comes off," Skylar adds.

Mason jars are appealing additions to your cabinets for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most notable perk is the cost — a 12-pack usually only costs around $15, as opposed to sets of Tupperware-esque storage containers that can cost up to $50. 

And unlike plastic containers or bags, glass jars are usually 100% recyclable. They're also built to last much longer than plastic products, which means you won't have to replace your containers as frequently as you would with plastic alternatives.

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