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Professional thrifter shares 'secret' tip for cropping old, baggy sweaters: 'You can't tell'

"We're about to let you in on a little secret."

cropping old, baggy sweaters

In a viral TikTok, an upcycled clothing store shares its "secret" cropping method to revamp your old, oversized sweaters and avoid a trip to the tailor. 

Vintage Stock Reserve (@vintagestockreserve) gives vintage clothing new life, making shirts, tote bags, and bucket hats from secondhand materials. They reveal their method for cropping baggy sweaters so you can alter pieces you already own for a more fitted look. 

"We're about to let you in on a little secret," a demonstrator explains.

The first step is to position the ribbing on the bottom of the shirt where you would like it to fall on your body. Then, flip this section inside out on top of the sweater. 

"Make sure it's even and flat to get the best results. Any folds in the fabric will cause imperfections, and we don't want that," the demonstrator says.

Once you have positioned the sweater for its new hemline, break out your sewing machine and stitch underneath the ribbing's seam. Sew all the way around the sweater until you complete the stitch and end up where you started. 

After you finish stitching, it's time to trim the leftover fabric. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to remove the material underneath the stitch line. Carefully cut one side at a time and avoid cutting the sweater itself. 

With the excess material removed, you can fold the ribbing back down and admire your newly cropped sweater.

The average American will throw out about 81.5 lbs of clothing each year, but this cropping method can help reduce textile waste and give your old tops a new look. You'll save money and keep items in your closet instead of adding them to landfills.

So the next time you're cleaning out your closet, consider trying this hack to refresh your wardrobe!

TikTok commenters shared their success with the technique.

"Love this tip. I used this to shorten the length of my curtains. Easy peasy, and you can't tell," one user says.

Another user added, "Just did this to my sweater, and it turned out so well! Thank you for sharing." 

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