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Unexpected pastime 'exploded' during COVID-19 pandemic: 'Millennials make up 29%'

"I love to just be out there and be in the quiet."

Home gardening is on the rise

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In a popular video, TikToker Ellie (@growwithellie) recounted trends from a National Gardening Association study that explored how the COVID-19 pandemic has created a "gardening explosion" across the country.

The study shows that the pandemic created over 18 million new gardeners in the United States alone. Now, 55% of American households have gardens, and gardening tool sales are up 100%.

"Millennials make up 29% of the new gardeners," Ellie explained. "Since the pandemic, 42% of gardeners say they spend way more time outside than they ever have before."

This great news means that more Americans have an opportunity to engage with the production of the food they consume. The study found that each garden grows up to $600 worth of food per household. 

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Home gardening provides many benefits, both to your health and to the environment. The regular movements associated with gardening activities are a great source of exercise. Additionally, the food grown in home gardens can help diversify your diet. Children involved in gardening are more likely to eat fruits and veggies, especially the ones they grow themselves.

Home gardens reduce the need to depend on environmentally taxing industrial agriculture. Instead of your food traveling hundreds of miles from a farm, all you have to do is walk outside for fresh produce.

The study asked respondents why they love gardening, and among the answers were that they enjoyed devoting more time to their physical and mental health as well as spending more time outside and with family. 

This trend isn't limited to the United States either. Countries across the world saw an increased interest in gardening as the pandemic progressed.

With all the benefits associated with home gardening, it's no wonder why so many people are breaking ground on new gardens. 

Commenters on the post provided anecdotal evidence to support Ellie's excitement, with one saying: "Gardening is such a vibe tbh. And such a great life skill to have. It's knowledge that is actually beneficial to our own sustainability."

Another commenter expressed their love for how relaxing gardening can be. 

"I love to just be out there and be in the quiet," they wrote. "I don't want music or anything. Just dirt and green."

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