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This freestanding solar canopy can be installed in less than a day: 'This could ... make solar accessible to a lot more people'

"Our contemporary decor design fits in with all environments."

“Our contemporary decor design fits in with all environments.”

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Solar startup World4Solar has developed a freestanding solar canopy that can be installed at a home in just one day.

HelioWing, the company's modular solar canopy, is a preconfigured and preassembled product that can be customized for different power levels, according to Electrek. Customers can opt for battery storage that can hold up to 25 kilowatt hours (kWh) or up to 100 kWh, and every unit has two Level 2 chargers available.

Additionally, the HelioWing can be used either on or off the grid, depending on the model. The HelioWing 5 (7.38 kWp) and the HelioWing 7 (9.84 kWp, equivalent to 25 miles of EV range per hour) are the base models with both functionalities. 

Image Credit: World4Solar

World4Solar estimates that each HelioWing has a lifespan of around 20 years, and each comes with a 10-year warranty.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the HelioWing is the ease of installment. While other residential solar units can take up to three full days to install, according to Boston Solar, the HelioWing takes a mere six hours if you provide a prepared foundation and use a certified installer.

As Electrek noted, "This could potentially make solar accessible to a lot more people."

The HelioWing is also eligible for a federal tax credit worth up to 30% of the product's cost and may be eligible for more credits depending on the state, according to the company's website.

World4Solar also offers solar modules intended for agricultural use. These specialized models can track the sun using a two-axis system, which allows the panels to move as the day progresses, and they are equipped with weatherproofing that allows them to withstand harsh conditions.

Investing in clean energy sources like solar and wind power is an essential step toward a greener, healthier planet, as burning dirty energy sources like gas and coal directly contributes to the dangerous overheating of the Earth. 

The average car produces over 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution per year, and around the world, passenger cars release around 3.3 billion tons of carbon pollution per year. It's clear that to curb the overheating of the planet, we must turn to energy sources with smaller carbon footprints, like solar power.

"We are excited about the trend for self-sustaining and energy efficient power for multi-unit residential and commercial installations," World4Solar CEO Marc Hofer said in a statement. "Our contemporary decor design fits in with all environments, and its weatherproof solar covered roof provides lighting, shade, and rain protection where needed."

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