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Gardener shares simple watering tip to help potted plants beat the heat: 'You are going to want to water them good'

"Love this tip!"

"Love this tip!"

Photo Credit: Instagram

The summer sun can dry out your beautiful plants if you don't water them properly. 

Luckily, you can prevent your plants from dehydrating and wilting with this simple watering technique. Self-proclaimed gardening expert John (@johns_plant_adventures) shares his hack for hydrating potted plants in the heat.

The scoop

Before you begin watering your plants, John recommends always using pots that have drainage holes. This prevents water from building up in the soil and causing root rot

According to John, the key to keeping your plants healthy throughout the summer is fully saturating them with water. Fill the pot to the lip, and let it drain. Repeat this process two or three times to guarantee the entire root system is fully watered. 

For smaller containers, it's especially important to repeat this watering trick. Smaller pots have less soil and as a result, they tend to dry out faster

"To ensure you have happy plants this summer, you are going to want to water them GOOD," John says. "I water my plants daily, twice when it's 105+, which could be soon!"

How it's working

John's watering tip is helping users keep their plants healthy in summer heat. 

Tending to a garden on a consistent basis has numerous benefits for both your physical and mental health. A study found that individuals who garden report reduced levels of stress and increased levels of self-esteem. Researchers have also found that gardeners eat more fiber and are more physically active than individuals who don't regularly garden.

Adding native plants to your garden is also a great way to support the health of your ecosystem. Native plants increase biodiversity and attract key pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

What people are saying

Instagram users were grateful to learn the watering hack and eager to hear more about the process. 

"Love this tip!" one user commented. "I'm always afraid I'm overwatering."

"Do you do this with big pots also?" another Instagrammer asked. "Yes!" John responded.

"Before watering, don't forget to discard the water that has turned into hot water in the hose!" one user said.

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