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Homeowner shares photo after getting rid of nearly half of their 'evil' grass lawn: 'This is exactly what more people should be doing'

"This is so awesome!"

“This is so awesome!"

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One homeowner provided another example of why less is more when it comes to "evil" grass lawns.

In the subreddit r/NoLawns, a Redditor shared how they replaced 40% of their front lawn with mulch beds, vegetable gardens, and flowering plants.

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Photo Credit: u/Outrun207 / Reddit

"It looks a little bare right now, but the extra space around the beds will be appreciated once the squash leaves take over!" they wrote, adding that they made sure the redesign included native species — which can help support local wildlife while reducing water waste

"This is exactly what more people should be doing! Well done!" another Redditor said

As the OP pointed out, part of their inspiration for the makeover was their dislike of mowing, giving them at least one thing in common with our environment. 

According to ScienceDaily, a Swedish study published by the American Chemical Society found that "the air pollution from cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline-powered lawn mower is about the same as that from a 100-mile automobile ride."

In order to drive that far, it would take nearly two hours at 60 miles per hour, meaning that maintaining grass-heavy lawns can significantly and rapidly contribute to the type of pollution linked to the dangerous rise of global temperatures and decline of vital pollinators like bees.   

Other members of the Reddit community applauded the OP's work, with some pointing out their own frustrations with grass-heavy yards. 

"I freaking hate dealing with grass. It's a pain to schedule mows, I'm paying for something I don't care about just to keep it legal, and it's disruptive to my work and my allergies," one person wrote. "I long for the day my yard can be filled with shady lounge spots to sit or rock, my hammock, native flowers, cute animals including song birds." 

"This is so awesome! I can't wait to be a homeowner so I can do what I want with my yard," another person said

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