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Shopper enjoys massive payoff on 'educated guess' after snagging two cufflinks at thrift store for just $2: 'You have a good eye'

"I knew 100% they were genuine."

Gold cuff links at thrift store

Photo Credit: u/minarima / Reddit

Going to the thrift store can be a boom or a bust for many shoppers. One Reddit user shared the success behind their recent trip to the store, which resulted in the find of a lifetime. It has inspired other users to keep their fingers crossed that they, too, will have that great of a find.

The user posted a photo of the 18-karat gold cuff links they found and purchased for $2 on the r/ThriftStoreHauls forum. The unmarked cuff links weighed 18.4 grams — a scrap value of more than $800

According to their comments, the Redditor decided to invest the $2 into the cuff links in the store because the appearance, weight, and smell of the pieces suggested that they could be solid gold. When the user got home, they "knew 100% [the cuffs] were genuine" when they filed an edge and tested it on a Kee gold tester. It was clear that the so-called "educated guess" had a big payoff for this user. 

Gold cuff links
Photo Credit: u/minarima / Reddit

Purchasing used jewelry from a thrift store rather than buying it new also has benefits for the planet. Fine jewelry has a monumental environmental impact. In order for the jewelry to be manufactured, it must first be mined from deep in the ground. This disturbs the environment, strips away soil, and has numerous human rights and ethical implications for the populations responsible for mining and outsourcing the jewelry. 

Thrifting anything — whether it be clothes or jewelry — helps decrease the amount of new production, thus reducing waste, controlling pollution, and providing new stylish pieces for consumers. Not to mention, it's pretty satisfying to strike gold with a worthwhile thrift haul. 

Other Reddit users applauded the poster's haul. "Makes me happy when someone scores," one user wrote

"You have a good eye for finding unmarked gold!" Another commenter applauded

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