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Homeowner shares video of unlikely helpers they hired to do lawn maintenance: 'They're very dedicated employees'

"Steep and hard-to-mow areas are no match."

Goatscaping lawn maintenance

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"Goatscaping" has taken off, and for good reason.

In a post that gained thousands of likes, a Reddit user shared a 31-second video of their lawn crew — perhaps six dozen goats, who scampered from a livestock trailer to do some yard work.

Photo Credit: u/Puzzleheaded-Role-63 / reddit

"They're very dedicated employees," one viewer commented. "As soon as they were out, they got right to work."

Another joked: "Well, it's easy because if anything goes wrong, they always have scapegoats."

The yard did not look overgrown, but using goats for pruning is more environmentally friendly than gas-powered tools.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lawn equipment produces up to 5 percent of the air pollution in the nation. The machines emit volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter, among other toxins.

Aside from being adorable and better for the environment, goats can also engage in heavy lifting if necessary.

"They have no problem eating dangerous plants like burning nettle, poison ivy, and poison sumac," the University of Minnesota Extension stated. "Steep and hard-to-mow areas are no match for the goat as they are agile and hard-working creatures that can get into rough and narrow spots."

Goatscaping also eliminates the need for toxic herbicides, helps control weeds and invasive plants, and provides a natural fertilizer. The animal's digestive system also renders excreted seeds unviable.

The practice may boom soon as well, as areas around the country have banned gas-powered leaf blowers.

California, which will require all new vehicles sold to be electric vehicles by 2035, will also ban the sale of new gas mowers and other small equipment starting next year.

Commenters on the post were all for the goats, too. 

"Lots of places for the state of [California] 'rent' goats to clear land for fire breaks or clear shrubs and growth away from roads and the like," one commenter noted. "My sister had a property that backed up to some electrical lines — goats came in and cleared out years of growth in a few days. Great, sustainable idea."

Another wrote: "Man I need these guys for my yard. It currently looks like an abandoned lot overgrown with weeds. (My attempt at xeriscaping)."

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