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Here's how easy it is to get store credit for your used gear at Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, and 11 other major retailers

Instead of throwing away your gently loved clothing and electronics, check out these retailers that will give you store credit for them.

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Cleaning out your closet can feel daunting, especially when you have stuff in there you aren't ready to part with. But we've got some motivation for you: If you have clothes or electronics (like old phones, computers, tablets, or smart-watches) that are in decent condition, you may be able to swap them for store credit or even cash.

While some stores only accept their own merchandise, others will take anything that still looks like it's in decent shape, as you'll see below.

If you need a better reason to choose resale over trashing your old clothes — besides credit or cash for newer, better stuff — check out these stats:

  1. 85% of the clothes we buy end up being burned or sitting in a landfill.

  2. A lot of clothes, especially from cheaper fast-fashion brands, are made out of synthetic material (basically plastic) that can't be recycled

  3. To grow the cotton for one pair of jeans requires as much water as one person drinks in 10 years.

  4. Washing clothes and putting them in landfills creates microplastics (tiny shreds of plastic) that make their way into the ocean and even into our lungs and blood.

Now, find out which brands are doing something about these issues:



How it works:

If you have used Patagonia gear that still looks great, bring it to a store or use a prepaid shipping label to send it in, and receive credit you can use in Patagonia stores or at Patagonia.com


How it works:

Gather up your gently worn Lululemon gear and bring it into any store location (excluding outlets) to receive an e-gift card redeemable at any store or online. You can also shop for secondhand Lulu gear for a nice discount here.


How it works:

Book a trade-in appointment at a Levi's store to bring in your old Levi's jeans, shorts, and denim jackets. A stylist will review your items and then give you a gift card you can use at the store. You can also shop secondhand goods at Levi's here.

Urban Outfitters

How it works: 

Download the Nuuly Thrift app to sell or buy used and vintage clothes from any brand. When your clothes sell, you can get cash sent to your bank account. Or, if you use the money to buy from any Urban brand (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, or Terrain), you can take an additional 10% discount. You can shop Urban's Nuuly resale collection here.

Another Tomorrow

How it works:

Scan the QR code located on your Another Tomorrow item's Care/Content label to upload it to Another Tomorrow's website. Then bring the item into a store or send it in by mail. When the item sells, you'll receive cash or store credit. Check out the brand's resale collection here.


How it works:

Cuyana has partnered with thredUP to allow customers to print a shipping label and send back used items to the brand. Cuyana processes the items and adds up the credit earned. Cuyana then adds an additional 15% to the amount and credits the customer by email. For any new items you buy, the company sends 5% of profits to the Helping Ease Abuse Trauma (H.E.A.R.T) organization, which allows the women it benefits to "shop" for free from the used items.



How it works:

Visit the website for Coyuchi's 2nd Home program to request a prepaid shipping label. Send in your old Coyuchi linens and the brand will give you a 15% discount on your next purchase from its web store. Coyuchi will clean and resell the old linens, repurpose them into new items, or recycle the fabric for you.



How it works:

Go to Amazon's trade-in website and select what you're looking to get rid of; it accepts a wide range of items, including Kindles, speakers, home security systems, phones, wireless routers, and more. Then print a free shipping label to send in your items. Once they are accepted, you'll receive an Amazon gift card for the appraised value and a promo credit for up to 25% off a new item.


How it works:

Bring your phone or computer to a store or check Apple's trade-in website to get a quote. Choose a new device and Apple will subtract the credit for your trade-in from the purchase price of the new one. Return the old device using a prepaid trade-in kit, or bring it to an Apple store.


How it works:

Bring your used cellphone, tablet, smart speakers, or video game console to the electronics section of a nearby Target store to start the trade-in process and get a quote. If your item is accepted, you'll receive a Target gift card within seven days that you can use in-store or online.

Bonus! Twice a year, Target also offers a car-seat trade-in event. Your old car seat gets responsibly recycled into new products while you get 20% off a new piece of select baby gear.

Best Buy

How it works:

Go to Best Buy's trade-in site and select the device you want to get rid of. The store accepts a wide variety, including smart watches and digital cameras. Answer a few questions about your item and you'll get an instant quote online. Then bring it to a store or mail it in for a Best Buy gift card.

Game Stop

How it works:

Start by going to Game Stop's trade-in website and select the device you're looking to trade in to get a quote. Enter your email to receive further instructions. Take the item to your nearest Game Stop store to receive your choice of cash or store credit.


How it works:

Get the process started by searching for your used electronic item on Walmart's trade-in website. After you choose the device you're trading in, Walmart will send you a prepaid shipping label for free FedEx ground shipping. When it has received and accepted your old device, you'll get a gift card for the item's trade-in value to use in store or online.

Next time you're feeling the need to practice the Kondo Method on your closet or under your bed, check the websites of the stores where you bought your old stuff to see if they have a take-back, resale, or recycling program. 

As nice as it feels to have more free space, resisting the urge to throw it all in a big plastic garbage bag could score you some store credit, cash, or just good karma for the planet.

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