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Onlookers criticize 'ruined' lawn following extensive renovation: 'Why did the council approve that?'

"That was a solid house and they massacred it."

Garden yard transformation fail

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One Redditor showed what a difference greenery around your home can make with photos of a property that was completely stripped of its landscaping. 

Redditors were unimpressed by photos of a home that once had a lush green garden and now has what appears to be artificial material like cement or brick. All greenery has been removed, and the finished product is — in the eyes of the Reddit commenters — bleak. The original poster appeared to be expecting compliments on the redo, based on their caption "Nice little makeover!" The responses have been anything but complimentary.

lush green garden
Photo Credit: u/Knillish / Reddit

"Local house had a 'make over'. Does anybody here actually prefer the outcome over the original? Poor house," wrote the Redditor who shared the images.

The stark contrast between the first image and the second is an important reminder of how much vegetation adds to the appeal of a home (and even a neighborhood). The "made over" home isn't just an eyesore — it could be worth less to buyers now, too. Research has shown that a large yard or garden is at the top of the list for many home shoppers. The owner of the house in the photo potentially jeopardized their resale value.

The transformation won't do the mental health of neighbors any good, either. Simply seeing greenery improves a sense of well-being. Children who grow up around nature are less likely to develop mental illness as adults. Unfortunately, every day, thousands of acres of open space that once contained greenery are being turned into desolate urban sites.

The people have spoken, and we want to see greenery in our neighborhoods — not a block of cement.

"That is an architectural atrocity. why did the council approve that?? that was a solid house and they massacred it," stated one Reddit user.

"When you think you have an eye for design, but actually don't," wrote another Redditor.

"Took a country-style cottage, turned it into a military checkpoint," commented a third user.

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