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Gardener surprised by 'absolutely adorable' visitor discovered basking in their garden: 'Blends right in'

"[You're] definitely doing it right."

"[You’re] definitely doing it right.”

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Not much can top a fox curling up for a nap in the sunshine of your garden.

A Redditor shared an eight-second video of the canine a few winters ago, and they went to great lengths to do so.

"Precariously filmed by balancing my smartphone against a pair of binoculars against the kitchen window," the poster wrote.

"​​Blends right in," one user wrote.

Another noted the garden was a perfect spot: "Hey if a fox approves [you're] definitely doing it right."

Wildlife sightings in the garden are noteworthy and give the onlooker a boost, though "adorable destroyers" — aka, rabbit kittens hiding out in a garlic patch — might not mix well with an "absolutely adorable" fox.

Red foxes live all over the world, including the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. They are omnivores and nocturnal, eating mostly rodents, rabbits, insects, and fruit.

They are particularly adept at hunting mice and other garden pests, standing motionless while listening and watching for the prey. They then jump and trap the animal with their forelimbs, pinning it to the ground.

"Besides keeping rodents like mice and rats at bay, having a fox family living or visiting your woodland garden is likely a signal that your garden is healthy and offers good habitat for an upper level predator," according to Ferns and Feathers, a woodland gardening site. "That includes access to an abundant supply of food, water and shelter."

Still, Jennifer Howard, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitator at Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre in Ontario, said feeding foxes is a no-no. To remain wild, they can't be habituated to humans, handouts, or processed food. Feeding foxes can also increase rodents in your yard.

Let them do their thing, and you will be rewarded.

"We have a fox family that stays in the tall trees behind our house a lot," one commenter said. "We kept finding our cushions to our patio furniture out in the middle of our yard. We thought that the wind was blowing it there, until one day I looked out the window and saw one of the foxes playing with a cushion like a dog toy. It was adorable and played with it for quite some time. I love getting glimpses of them out there!"

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