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Gardener reveals easy 'lasagna' potting method to ensure plentiful spring bloom: 'You can plant them from now till November'

"The promise of spring for the cold winter months."

Flower pot, Potting method to ensure plentiful spring bloom

Photo Credit: @marfskitchengarden / Instagram

Don't have enough room to plant a huge garden? That's okay! One Instagrammer revealed that you can plant multiple flowers in the same pot so you'll have gorgeous blooms all season. 

The scoop 

Martha (@marfskitchengarden) shares wisdom on their page about gardening — including how to make the best use of your gardening space. 

This hack requires only plant bulbs, soil, gravel, and a pot, and you'll have flowers all season long thanks to the "lasagna"-style planting. 

You should do this in September and October because some bulbs need a long time under the soil and in cool temperatures to sprout. Martha used tulips, daffodils, and crocuses, but they also recommended hyacinths, alliums, and irises. 

To create your "lasagna," choose a pot of 10 inches or taller and layer the bottom with small rocks for drainage. Then, fill it until about the halfway mark with soil, followed by the bulbs that will bloom the latest (for Martha, this was tulips). 

"Bulbs should be planted at least twice their own depth," Martha explains. You should also make sure that your bulbs aren't touching each other or the sides of the pot. 

After that, keep alternating between layers of soil and your next-latest blooming bulbs, and cover the top with a layer of soil as well. Finish by watering, and you're all set! 

Comments on the post suggest not letting the soil get too dry over the winter months. Martha suggests putting the pots in a sheltered place if there will be a hard frost over the winter. 

"A little bit of water, pop them in the garden, and there you go — the promise of spring for the cold winter months," the Instagrammer says. 

How it's helping 

The hack is perfect for those short on space or money for their garden.

Instead of different pots for each type of flower, you'll be able to see multiple flowers bloom over time from the same spot — and you won't have to spend as much on pots and soil. 

Plus, filling your space with flowers makes for a gorgeous addition while also cleaning the air and facilitating the growth of other plants, especially those we need for food. 

Flowers naturally take in harmful chemicals from the air and release oxygen. They also attract pollinators, which are vital to approximately 80 percent of the 1,400 crop-producing plants in the world. Even if you don't have crop-producing plants, chances are someone around you does! 

What everyone's saying 

Comments on the post were happy to offer additional advice. One user wrote, "A bit of chicken wire over the pot will stop the squirrels." 

Others were excited about the tips and looking forward to getting started. "I love this idea, thank you!" wrote one, while another added, "Saving this for later." 

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