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Homeowner shares 'awesome' transformation photo of their neighbor's standout lawn: 'Like a buffet for all the pollinators'

From fence to fence, several hundred wildflowers are visible in the shot.

Photo Credit: iStock

One Redditor recently shared a striking photo of a simple yet gorgeous alternative to a traditional lawn.

The post appeared in the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, which is dedicated to reducing waste and unnecessary spending. Not only does this philosophy save money for those who follow it, it also protects the environment by minimizing pollution and reducing the need to harvest resources.

Flower garden
Photo Credit: u/Famouert / Reddit

The subject of this post was a yard where, instead of grass, the homeowner was growing flowers. "Someone on my street said 'no' to big, wasteful lawns," said the original poster.

The photo attached to the post showed an everyday home on an ordinary street. But instead of a typical lawn, the yard was filled from fence to fence with wildflowers. Hundreds or even thousands of blooms are visible in the shot — mostly yellow flowers that one commenter identified as coreopsis, but with several other varieties peppered across the property.

At first glance, it might not be obvious how a flower garden fits into the theme of r/Anticonsumption. However, trading out grass for flowers has many benefits. Grass needs an unusual amount of water, so most other plants will let homeowners save on their utility bill while also benefiting the community by conserving water. That's doubly true for native plants, which can also thrive in the local soil without the need for expensive, polluting fertilizer.

The flowers also provide food for beneficial pollinating insects, some of which also lay their eggs on the plants. These bugs, in turn, are food for birds and other small wildlife.

One commenter called the photo "awesome" and said the yard was "like a buffet for all the pollinators."

"Some more diversity in flowers would be even better," a second user replied.

However, a third commenter countered, "There are probably others that bloom at different times of the season."

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