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Gardener shares the food you need to be eating with your beans: 'It will help take care of that gas problem'

"I can't believe I've been eating beans all these years and didn't know this."

Epazote plant, tip for eating beans

Photo Credit: @greenthumb_ofc / Twitter

In a video post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Green Thumb Nursery (@greenthumb_ofc) shares an easy tip for eating beans without experiencing the uncomfortable bloating and gas that often follows.

The scoop

The video clip shows one of the nursery's garden experts standing in front of a range of small plants. 

"This is Epazote," the gardener says, holding up a wide-leafed little plant. "Epazote is an herb. You just need to chop it up, add about a tablespoon to the pot as you're cooking, and it will help take care of that gas problem that we get when we eat beans."

Beans are an excellent source of inexpensive plant-based protein and fiber with a multitude of uses. But they're also known for causing gas and bloating. This has to do with a type of sugar in beans that the human digestive system can struggle to break down. That doesn't mean you won't get all the benefits of beans, but you may get some gas. 

How it's helping 

If you avoid beans to avoid the gas, this little hack could help. And according to the video, you can pop over to a nearby nursery and grow your own epazote at home.

Epazote is a staple herb in Latin cooking with its use tracing back to the Mayans. It's also known as wormseed, pigweed, Jesuit Tea, Mexican tea, and Paico. And according to anecdotal evidence, it's used primarily as a way to relieve gas and bloating. 

The post's caption claims that epazote also adds a "unique, earthy flavor" to your beans while helping to improve your digestion. 

"I can't believe I've been eating beans all these years and didn't know I could add one simple ingredient to the pot to get rid of the gas," the garden expert says. 

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