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Redditor reveals how they bought 'the most comfortable cruiser bike ever' for 95% off its original price

"I love the excitement when you find something you'll love."

Townie electric bike

Photo Credit: u/Domestic_Supply / Reddit

A Redditor saving up for a $700 bike found the exact model they were hoping to buy for $35 at a local thrift store.

In the thread shared to the Thrift Store Hauls subreddit, the user shared a photo of a red Electra Townie cruiser bike with the caption, "Found a $700+ bike at GW for $35! I was saving up for one just like this!"

The Townie is one of the most popular cruiser bike models on the market — but they'll set you back at least $500, with some models clocking in at closer to $2,000.

The score is a game changer in more ways than one. 

Shopping at secondhand stores can be a bargain lover's dream, with steep discounts on all kinds of items from clothes to furniture to home goods and excellent-condition bikes. Plus, buying second hand keeps those items out of landfills and reduces the production of new items, which can use up valuable resources and contributes to 20% of planet-heating gases, according to the World Economic Forum.

Bikes are a fun way to commute around town, whether to work, for errands, or just for fun. Even at a light pace, biking counts as cardio. It also gets you outside, which is healthy for your body and mind

And unlike most other modes of transportation, bikes don't produce any pollution, making them better for the air you went outside to enjoy in the first place.

Redditors were quick to share in the joy of the score.

"Townies are amazing cruiser bikes," writes one user. " They've moved the crank forward a bit so that it's seriously the most comfortable cruiser bike ever."

"I'm happy that happened for you," another Redditor writes. "I love the excitement when you find something you'll love."

Another user shares a similar sentiment. "I love posts like this," they write. "Where people who need and want an item for their use find it for a great price!"

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