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Gardener shares common misconception about many of the edible plants in your garden: 'Thank you for the knowledge'

In a recent TikTok, edible plant connoisseur Joey (@joeyplantstrees) revealed some surprising knowledge about these plants.

Common misconception about many of the edible plants in garden

Photo Credit: @joeyplantstrees / TikTok

While most average fruit and veggie lovers tend to aim for a specific end product when growing food, many plants offer more than what meets the eye. 

With the help of a garden — or even a few naturally occurring plants nearby — creating a flowery and fun addition to your diet could be an easy task.

In a recent TikTok, edible plant connoisseur Joey (@joeyplantstrees) revealed some surprising knowledge about the little-known edible parts of some garden plants. 

The scoop

Whether you're looking for a quick garnish or a substitute for boring lettuce, Joey shows us that the leaves from a variety of plants, including carrots, beets, radishes, and horseradish, are not only edible but delicious. 

He continues to disprove common misconceptions as he goes beyond root veggies. For example, the next time you encounter a good-looking sunflower, forget the seeds and give the leaves a try. 

"Honestly, you can eat the whole plant," Joey says. 

@joeyplantstrees Way more leaves are edible than we commonly know Original disappeared so Im reupploading #gardening #garden #foraging #forager #wildfood #edibleants #gardenhack #gardendiy #foodnotlawns #permaculture ♬ original sound - Joey

How it's helping

By sharing this information, Joey is helping educate gardeners and plant lovers around the world about the additional sources of nutrients growing right in front of us. Being aware and educated about edible plants could also prove to be seriously helpful information in scenarios that may entail long periods of time outdoors. 

Often overlooked, these leaves provide variety to our diets and significantly help cut back on potential food waste. His hacks also ensure that we really get the most bang for our buck on any seeds, starter plants, and energy that goes into producing our own food.

What everyone's saying

Many viewers of Joey's edible plant TikTok have backed him up by sharing some of their favorite recipes with unconventional leaves. 

"Carrot top pesto with garden sorrel is soo good," one user commented.

Others were simply grateful for the information and excited about a new food endeavor. 

"Thank you for the knowledge!" said a user. 

"Can't wait to try some," another added.

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