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Instagrammer shows off 'amazing' interior at one-of-a-kind Washington D.C. hotel: 'I can't wait to visit'

The video goes on to share Eaton's eco-conscious room products and its many propagated plants.

Eaton Hotel

Most travelers look for excellent service and amenities when they book a place to stay, and this hotel goes the extra eco-friendly mile. 

In a trending video, an Instagrammer shared her experience staying in a space conscious of culture and the environment — Eaton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The featured reel shared by Instagram user Kristy Drutman (@browngirl_green) not only highlights guest amenities but also what the Eaton community proudly shares as a way of life. Kristy's clip gathered attention after her mini virtual tour gave some visuals of inside the hotel.

The first portion of the video shares bookshelves and art installations focused on eco themes as her caption says, "lots of art produced/curated (by) BIPOC artists."

Environmental climate and food justice are just a few of the themes displayed through many art mediums for visitors to explore.

The video goes on to share guest-specific features, including Eaton's eco-conscious room products and propagated plants. The hotel and community selections go into specific detail, down to the stormwater catcher that takes recycled grey water for the building's gender-neutral restrooms.

In the last few parts of the video, viewers get a glimpse of the beautifully designed spaces and the caption reads, "(And) lots of community-oriented spaces for co-working, fun, & peace."

Promoting an eco-friendly and inclusive hotel community doesn't just attract consumers seeking a greener travel experience with good vibes — it also shows others in the hospitality industry that people want more sustainable options to choose from. 

Additionally, Eaton's cultural choice to include minority voices in their space contributes to the ever-growing desire for diversity in environmental discussions.

Commenters praised their "amazing" Eaton experiences under the video post with one Instagram user saying, "Love the Eaton! We try to stay there whenever we go to DC to advocate for the ocean."

"Wow I can't wait to visit this spot," wrote another.

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