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Parent shares incredible hack for getting free Easter decorations without lifting a finger: 'This is amazing'

"Love this."

Easter grass

Photo Credit: u/Ajreil / Reddit

Easter is right around the corner. People are getting ready to dye eggs, hide treats for kids, and put together beautiful baskets. 

In preparation for the festive day, one Redditor shared their perfect DIY swap for that pesky plastic Easter basket grass. They shared a picture in the r/frugal subreddit and added the tag "Recycling and Zero Waste" for some flair. 

Keep an eye out for tissue paper. When Easter rolls around, make your own easter basket grass.
by u/Ajreil in Frugal

In the post, the Reddit user shares a photo of tissue paper used for stuffing in gift bags, snipped up into strips. 

"Keep an eye out for tissue paper. When Easter rolls around, make your own easter basket grass," the Redditor writes. 

Typical plastic Easter grass is made up of long, thin strips of colored cellophane. It's widely used at Easter to stuff into the bottom of baskets, acting as a nest for candy, eggs, and presents. 

There are plenty of reasons so many commenters were excited about the post, with the main one being that this tip mitigates using plastic Easter grass, which only has one use. 

Unfortunately, while some people reuse the grass for years, a lot of it goes in the trash. Like other plastics that end up in landfills, it takes years and years to break down.

The post got a lot of love from the community, with 2,500 upvotes and over 100 comments from others sharing their useful tricks for replacing Easter grass. Commenters suggest everything from using colorful thrift store scarves, fake moss from the dollar store, or even towels

Others went for a true zero-waste approach, encouraging others to use real grass from lawn clippings or just ditching the Easter grass altogether. 

"Love this," one user writes

Another was excited to repurpose some of their old tissue paper lying around. 

"This is amazing. I have SO much tissue paper," they write.

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