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Redditor shares the ultimate hack for easily dusting big pieces of furniture: 'Do this outside'

"It really piled up on the little platform under the seat."

Here's the best way to quickly dust big pieces of furniture

Photo Credit: Reddit

When one Redditor found built-up dust in the crevices of their office chair, they came up with a unique solution: a quick once-over with a leaf blower.

Dust gets everywhere and is always a challenge to clean up, so it's not surprising to find dusting tips on the r/CleaningTips subreddit. The group bills itself as "a positive, encouraging, and wholesome community" for "all things cleaning and tidying."

In their post, the Redditor shares a three-second video in which they use an electric leaf blower on an office chair, which belongs to their teen daughter. The chair stands outside on the lawn, where any dust will blow away harmlessly. 

This is a good move because as soon as the OP activates the leaf blower, huge clouds of dust can be seen drifting away from the chair. 

"It really piled up on the little platform under the seat," the user says.

Blowing away dust instead of trying to wipe it up can save a homeowner minutes or even hours, especially when cleaning objects with many openings, joints, and mechanical parts. 

It also means you don't have to use traditional cleaning supplies, which is good for your wallet and the environment. Single-use items like paper towels are difficult or impossible to recycle and take up space in landfills, while cleaning chemicals are often toxic and can be harmful to wildlife. A chemical-free round of "extreme dusting," as OP calls it, is much more eco-friendly.

Other users chimed in with their own experiences. 

"Try hitting fans and air filters that you can't take apart but get filled with dust," one says. "Baseboard heaters also collect dust bunnies that the blower easily removes." 

Another commenter adds, "Do this outside whenever possible!" 

Some Redditors also recommended alternatives. 

"I got a rechargeable air duster that's supposed to be used for computers," says one, while another suggests, "Step it up to an air compressor."

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