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TikToker shares brilliant hack for cleaning even the grimiest of ceiling fans with ease: 'Use it to pull most of the dust off'

You won't have to spend any additional money on cleaners.

Cleaning ceiling fan

Photo Credit: @acleanbee/ TikTok

A TikTok user has shared an ingenious way of cleaning your ceiling fan that'll keep your rooms dust-free.

The scoop

In a video on TikTok, a user named Kait explained her clever hack for getting that nasty dust off of your ceiling fans — and all it takes is a pillowcase.

"Use a pillowcase to cover each ceiling fan blade," Kait says. "Use it to pull most of the dust off. It will get caught inside of the pillowcase, preventing it from falling on furniture below. Finish off with a damp microfiber cloth and enjoy your dust-free ceiling fan!"

@acleanbee One (easy!) way to dust a ceiling fan #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #naturalcleaning ♬ original sound - Kait

In the comments, Kait provided further advice for this strategy. When one user pondered how to clean the dusty pillowcase once the deed is done, Kait explained, "Wash it like usual! Shake it out outside first if it's super dusty." She also advises using a step ladder to reach the fan.

How it's helping

When cleaning our homes, many of us resort to paper towels and chemical cleaning products to remove dust. In the United States, people use more than 13 billion pounds of paper towels per year, which contributes to harmful deforestation and produces 254 million tons of trash each year worldwide, according to CottageCare. Chemical cleaners also have been linked to harmful effects on water quality and aquatic life, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

Kait's video provides a strategy that encourages the use of products that we already have in our homes, like pillowcases and rags, which can be washed and reused, meaning you won't have to spend a penny on disposable materials to clean your fan.

What everyone's saying

Users shared their enthusiasm for Kait's hack in the comment section of the video. 

"Oh my god what a great idea. Thank you," one user wrote.

"And, if all you have are super nice expensive [pillowcases] that you'd rather not use for this, get some at the thrift 🙂," another user commented.

"Thank you so much this came at perfect timing I have been [meaning] to do this!," a third user said.

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