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Homeowner suffering from consequences of neglectful dog owners next door: 'It's a health hazard'

"This is a felony against nostrils."

"This is a felony against nostrils."

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Neighbors can be annoying — that's for sure. But one Reddit user is showing how their neighbor's neglectfulness is causing a massive stink in one Texas neighborhood. 

The photo, which was shared on the r/MildlyInfuriating forum, shows someone's lawn scattered with pieces of dog feces everywhere. According to the original poster, the individual had five dogs, which they did not clean up after in a very long time. "It's currently 102 [degrees] in Texas and I can't even come out to my porch because of the smell," the poster wrote in the title. 

"This is a felony against nostrils."
Photo Credit: u/sithlord89 / Reddit

American dogs produce nearly 10.6 million tons of feces each year. Not only is this an issue for unsuspecting walkers who step in the excrement, but it also has a pertinent health and environmental risk to people exposed to it. Some animal feces, like that of cats, can carry parasites that can pose risks to wildlife and vulnerable human populations. 

Dogs specifically can carry bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and Campylobacter bacteria. In addition, it also harbors parasites like hookworms and roundworms, which can do damage to people and other animals that ingest it. Not to mention, have you ever smelled how putrid dog poop can be, let alone on a hot summer day? 

The Environmental Protection Agency has also taken action to classify dog poop as a nonpoint source pollutant, meaning that it is difficult to trace which dogs contributed to it. To avoid the risk of your dog's poop washing into waterways or into areas where it shouldn't, you should always pick it up and throw it in the proper receptacle. 

Redditors were quick to suggest ways that the user could seek a resolution to their issue. "If you live in one of most cities in Texas, you can call code enforcement," one user recommended. "It's a health hazard."

"This is a felony against nostrils," another user joked.

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