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Home chef shares money-saving hack for nearly empty mustard jar: 'Makes cleaning the jar so much easier too'

"This might be your best hack yet!"

"This might be your best hack yet!"

Photo Credit: @going.zero.waste / Instagram

Saving money and cutting down on food waste? This super easy trick for nearly empty mustard jars is a win-win. 

Kathryn Kellogg (@going.zero.waste) recently shared a recipe using leftover jars of Dijon and three simple ingredients to make a delicious dressing out of what you'd usually toss in the trash. 

The scoop

As part of her food waste fighting series, Kellogg wants you to hold onto your almost-empty jar of Dijon for just a little bit longer. 

"Don't recycle your mustard jar just yet!" she says. "Use the last bits to make one of my favorite dressings."

Kathyrn suggests combining the juice of one lemon, two tablespoons of olive oil, and one tablespoon of maple syrup with the last two tablespoons of your Dijon mustard jar. To keep this hack super simple, she even mixes it right into the jar, securing the lid tightly on top and shaking it to mix. 

It's that simple. And Kathyrn says it's delicious on just about anything. 

"Use it for salads, marinades, or my personal favorite — atop a pita pizza."

How it's helping

Small hacks like this are a great and easy way to decrease the amount of food waste you're producing. And every little bit counts. Each year in the U.S., around one-third of food is thrown away. That equals about 119 billion pounds — and 42 billion pounds of that comes straight from our homes. That's a lot of waste. 

This hack also helps you save money with a super-simple at-home dressing recipe, that even comes with its own reusable jar — that is reportedly even easier to clean after this trick. 

"Yes, I always do this, it makes cleaning the jar so much easier too," one commenter wrote. "The combinations are endless, balsamic vinegar/orange juice/olive oil is one of my favourites."

What everyone's saying

Other commenters loved the idea, as well. 

"I make this dressing all the time! I can agree it's one of my faves," one person said. 

"This might be your best hack yet!" another exclaimed.

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