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Organizing pro shares clever trick to customize your pillows without buying more: 'Love this idea'

"This hack is cool."

"This hack is cool."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Changing your cushion covers is an easy way to refresh your home's style, but buying new ones can get expensive fast.

Luckily, one cleaning and organizing pro has an ingenious solution that gives you a whole new look without spending a dime.

The scoop

Style expert Chantel Mila (@mama_mila_) shared a video on TikTok demonstrating how to transform any standard pillowcase into a custom cushion cover.

@mama_mila_ Dont buy your next cushion, until you try this simple trick ☁️ did you know you can turn any pillowcase into a custom fit cushion cover? Ive used this trick for years and its always been a winner 🙌 will you try this one? #homedecor #homehack #homehacks #hometips #tipsandtricks #mamamilastips #bedroomdesign ♬ Praise Jah in the Moonlight - Uzii BigTalk

"Here's a trick to make your cushions any color you'd like without spending a cent," Mila explains. "Just take a standard pillowcase and place your cushion in. Then tuck the excess material inward like this."

The result? 

"You end up with a perfectly fit custom cushion cover," Mila says. In the caption, she adds, "I've used this trick for years, and it's always been a winner."

How it's helping

This simple hack is a triple threat: It saves you money, reduces waste produced by fast furniture, and keeps your home looking fresh. By repurposing pillowcases you already own, you can avoid shelling out for pricey new cushion covers every time you want to switch up your decor.

What's more, extending the lifespan of items you already have is a powerful way to cut down on waste. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average American throws out more than 68 pounds of clothing and textile waste each year, according to a study in the National Library of Medicine. When those textiles end up in landfills, they generate methane, a potent polluting gas.

By finding creative ways to reuse and repurpose items such as pillowcases, we can all do our part to keep textiles out of landfills and methane out of the atmosphere. And in the process, we'll save money and shield our communities from pollution and extreme weather events.

What everyone's saying

Mila's innovative hack was a big hit with her followers.

"Love this idea," one commenter raved.

"Great tip," another agreed.

Many were impressed by how easy and effective the trick is. 

"This hack is cool," one wrote.

Others appreciated the budget-friendly angle and pointed out that the hack is a smart way to get more use out of pillowcases that no longer fit pillows.

With a little creativity and a few spare pillowcases, Mila's simple trick proves that refreshing your home's look doesn't have to cost a fortune — or the planet. It's all about working with what you already have.

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