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Thrift shopper shares stunning image after snagging 'practically brand-new' espresso machine

This post serves as a great reminder that shopping secondhand can greatly reduce costs and environmental impact.

Cuisinart espresso machine

Photo Credit: iStock

Anyone who loves an espresso, latte, or cappuccino knows how expensive they can be. With some coffee drinks costing up to $7, many coffee lovers are exploring home espresso machines to save money. One lucky thrifter saved even more money than expected when they found a "practically brand-new" Cuisinart espresso machine from their local thrift store.

Cuisinart espresso machine
Photo Credit: u/justanawkwardbush / Reddit

The original poster shared their thrift find on Reddit to the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls. The post included a photo of a programmable Cuisinart espresso machine. 

This find came just in time, as the Redditor explained that they and their partner had "been saving for an espresso machine" for months. Instead of paying more than $300 for a brand-new model, these two thrifters paid just $20 for the espresso machine. 

Thrifting has become more popular in the past couple of years. Thrifting offers people a way to shop at lower prices and find clothing pieces of higher quality, all while reducing their environmental impact. This thrift find shows you shouldn't overlook the housewares section, as you can find great items for incredibly low prices. 

Not only did the Redditor get a great deal, but in buying their espresso machine secondhand, they avoided all the negative impacts of buying a new one. Home appliances, even small ones like a coffee maker, can have a significant environmental impact. The metals, plastics, rubber, and electronics require mining and production that can hurt wildlife and produce air and water pollution.

This post serves as a great reminder that shopping secondhand can reduce costs and environmental impact. The original poster commented that "this one can do everything [they] wanted." It even came with all the accessories. 

Another commenter shared that they and their boyfriend also found the same espresso maker secondhand: "He found his in a 'free box' and I got mine for $15 at Goodwill."

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