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DIY expert shares unbelievable before-and-after photos after using magic hack to clean stainless steel: 'I'm still in awe'

"Can't wait to try this!"

Cleaning hack using cream of tartar

Photo Credit: @southernescape / Tiktok

One TikToker found a much cheaper way to clean stainless steel, and it only requires two ingredients — cream of tartar and water. 

The scoop 

TikToker DIY Queen (@southernescape) is a self-proclaimed "Lover of all things DIY," and her page proves it with DIYs for food, gardening, cleaning, and more. 

Her hack for cleaning stainless steel is gaining attention for how simple, cheap, and quick it is. 

The hack only requires cream of tartar and water. The video shows her mixing it into a paste and applying it to the outside of her microwave. She uses a basting brush, but you could also use your hands. 

When she wipes the paste away with a wet paper towel, it reveals a sparkling clean stainless steel microwave. 

She describes in the video that cream of tartar has natural acidic properties like vinegar or lemon, which make it useful for cleaning. However, she had previously tried vinegar and lemon on her microwave without success. 

"I'm still in awe," she writes in the caption. 

@southernescape I'm still in awe 😳 #clean #cleaning #cleantok #cleaninghack #viral #shocking #wow #momsoftiktok #dirty #grease #howto #hack #idea #fyp #diy ♬ Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

How it's helping 

This hack is a much more cost-effective way to clean your stainless steel. A typical bottle of stainless steel cleaner costs $7, while 3.25 ounces of cream of tartar costs $2.59. Plus, instead of having to take a separate trip to the store, you may already have the ingredients in your pantry. 

An added bonus to this all-natural cleaner is that it's environmentally friendly. Bottles of cleaning spray aren't guaranteed to be filled to the brim, and it's easy to overdo it and waste the solution by spraying too much. The more you accidentally waste, the more money you'll spend, and the faster the bottle will end up in a landfill. 

Approximately 40 million tons of plastic are thrown away each year in America, and unfortunately, only about 5% of that plastic gets recycled. Cutting down even a few plastic bottles can make a difference in the long run. Plus, it's cheaper and more convenient for you. 

What everyone's saying 

The comments section was full of suggestions from other TikTokers on how to clean stainless steel, and many were blown away by the simplicity of the hack and wanted to give it a go. 

"Can't wait to try this! NOTHING has worked!" said one. 

Another TikToker added, "Learning something new, thanks for the tip!"

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