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Father and son dumbfounded after discovering an unexpected Craigslist post: ‘We obviously reacted’

“I told him I really wanted it for our media room we’re building.”

Using video games off Craigslist

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Thrifting is the best — just ask TikTok. One father just proved how sweet thrifted finds can be when he posted a truly impressive haul he got off a Craigslist ad. He scored everything from an original NES system to a sweet VHS of “The Lion King” — all for $250. 

The Redditor recently posted a series of 13 photos showing off what he got from a Craigslist ad for some old mechanics boxes that turned into a score of vintage gaming systems and games. 

After seeing an ad for the toolboxes, the Redditor said he called the guy to follow up. When the man told him he had various other things in his garage for sale, the Redditor loaded up his son and headed over. 

“He gave me an incredible deal on some tools, the tool boxes and when my son and I saw all the game consoles, we obviously reacted,” the post explained. “He responded with, ‘it’s all for sale.’ I asked how much. He said he didn’t know. I looked it over and told him I really wanted it for our media room we’re building and offered him all the cash I had left $250. He accepted.”

Photo Credit: u/CappinSissyPants / Reddit

The 13 photos show off everything they scored: a Super Nintendo with a handful of games, a couple of controllers, and even a Super Game Boy; a Nintendo 64 with four controllers and classic games, like Goldeneye and Zelda; a Nintendo Entertainment System with a regular controller, a gun, and a couple of games, including the OG Mario Bros.; a Playstation 1 and controllers; a PlayStation 2 and a controller; a Sega Saturn with games and controllers; a Dreamcast with a few games, a controller, and a fishing rod controller; and a VHS of The Lion King for good measure. 

Even if you’re not into gaming, it’s pretty clear how amazing of a haul this is. Thrifting has gained substantial attention lately as people share their impressive finds across social media, with r/thriftstorehauls being a treasure trove of, well, treasure troves. 

Since being posted, the images have garnered 1,300 upvotes and almost 100 comments of support for the special find. 

“The sega saturn and games are worth that by itself,” one user wrote

“You hit the major gamer jackpot!!! Omg I would have died and gone to heaven!” another said.  

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