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Mom shares adorable clip of baby crawling through her 'magical' new weed-resistant lawn: 'Best decision ever'

"It's drought resistant, and naturally aerates and fertilizes the soil."

Little girl stands on weed-resistant Clover lawn

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An Instagram creator shared an aww-worthy Reel on Instagram of her baby crawling in a lush field of green clovers. But this wasn't a staged photoshoot in a fairy-garden prairie — it was in her own front yard. 

Anna Pinnock Newton (@letthemvent) is one of many that have ditched traditional grass yards for cheap and low-maintenance alternatives, like clover.

Newton hit most of the advantages of clover lawns in her caption, noting that "it's drought resistant, naturally aerates and fertilizes the soil, good for the bees, good for the environment, softer than grass and not to mention how magical it looks."

One thing Newton didn't mention — and arguably the best thing about clover lawns — is the cost savings.

Clover itself is very affordable, with seeds costing about a dollar per 1,000 square feet of land. 

For those that have fought clovers off high-maintenance turf lawns before, converting to a clover lawn is free — all you need to do is let it grow. On the other hand, a pallet of sod, which covers 450 square feet, costs an average of $300. 

"It's been the best decision ever," Newton captioned her post.  

The savings from installing a clover lawn alone are worth the transition, but there are even more ways this grass alternative will save you money.

Clover stays green year-round in most parts of the U.S. and naturally crowds out weeds, meaning you won't have to spend major money on fertilizers, herbicides, and other toxic grass applications. 

Clovers can even save you money down to your water bill. A deep root system allows this plant to stretch for water deep within the ground, meaning it can tolerate droughts and doesn't require excessive watering — unlike grass, which usually needs about an inch of water each week.

The benefits of a clover lawn do not stop with money. 

Replacing traditional turf grass with clover helps secure and revive your soil, keep nearby bodies of water clean, and support the populations of pollinating insects, which keep our food supply alive. If these benefits haven't convinced you, we'll let this video speak for itself.

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