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Homeowner seeks advice on creating low-maintenance yard to appease HOA: 'Curious if it was even a possibility'

"Don't let HOAs stop you from creating the home of your dreams."

"Don't let HOAs stop you from creating the home of your dreams."

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Landscaping has become quite a flex in American neighborhoods. The "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality makes it hard to veer off the traditional path, but it might be worth the leap.

One homeowner went to r/NoLawns for advice on turning their grass lawn into a clover lawn.

The post explained that they'd like to do something that won't require a full overhaul and are more interested in a gradual and clean transition for their small yard.

With the possibility of selling their home soon, there were concerns about time, money, market value, and reactions from their homeowners association.

"I was just curious if it was even a possibility," the OP wrote.

Rewilding, even under the restraints of an HOA, is definitely possible. It saves money and time on lawn maintenance while increasing the value of your property.

Natural lawns use 50% less water and can ultimately save you thousands of dollars. They also require less fertilizer and pesticides, keeping more money in your wallet and fewer chemicals in our waterways.

There are all kinds of options to choose from when rewilding. Clover lawns, tapestry lawns, native plants, meadows, and buffalo grass are all beautiful choices that will help keep this planet from overheating any further.

HOAs have proved to be a major obstacle when trying to make eco-friendly, money-saving updates at home, from solar panels to weatherizing features that impact the uniformity of a neighborhood. One HOA even tried to stop a homeowner from air-drying their clothes on an outside line because it could be seen from the street. 

🗣️ If you were to switch from a grass lawn to a more natural option, which of these factors would be your primary motivation?

🔘 Making it look better 🌱

🔘 Saving money on water and maintenance 💰

🔘 Helping pollinators 🐝

🔘 No way I ever get rid of my lawn 🚫

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Luckily, there are guides on dealing with HOAs, with step-by-step instructions on what to do, who to talk to, and how to start the conversation. 

Don't let HOAs stop you from creating the home of your dreams. Some might even be happy to work with you.

The post got what it came for, drawing in a plethora of opinions on what the best next step should be.

"A grass-clover hybrid is best," suggested one user.

"Overseed a turf lawn with white clover," advised another.

One commenter suggested looking into aerator shoes to rewild and seed the lawn.

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